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Everything DiSC tools are designed to help everyone in any organisation or industry – from those new to the workforce to experienced leaders continuing to aspire to the next level of excellence – understand themselves and others. The entire family of proven, research-validated solutions engages individuals and establishes a common language that elevates the effectiveness of communication and teamwork to create more productive workplaces.

The value we deliver

Everything DiSC is a family of distinctive, research-validated assessment tools that provide rich personal insight for individuals at any level in organisations around the world, all using a consistent language of DiSC. Whether white-collar, blue-collar, or no-collar, Everything DiSC can help anyone communicate and interact more effectively with others. Profile reports — from Everything DiSC Work of Leaders to Everything DiSC Sales — put assessment insights into action with specific, personalised solutions and strategies while creating a common language that people can use across organisational hierarchy and industry.

Develop high performance leadership teams

363 for Leaders


The Everything DiSC 363 Leadership profile is for anyone wants to use 360 feedback as part of their leadership development, whether they’re an emerging leader or a seasoned executive.


How is 363 different?


It takes the sting out of 360 feedback. With the simplicity and power of Everything DiSC, and ease of providing feedback, 363 for Leaders gives leaders their next steps with three real things they can focus on now – strategies to improve their leadership effectiveness that can be put into action immediately. Easier to use and understand than traditional 360’s, Everything DiSC for Leaders allows raters to give focused, balanced, constructive feedback.


The result is designed to give leaders a better understanding of how their colleagues see their leadership behaviours – both strengths and challenges – and to put a plan into action to direct opportunities for leadership growth.