Certification time?

Accelerate employee development by applying the world’s leading behavioural tool.

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We’re flexible, and can work around your needs



The most in‐depth option is the training offered direct from the publisher, Wiley. Participants are awarded Wiley’s DiSC Trainer Certification, a lifetime personal achievement that is fully portable throughout one’s career. Contact us for course dates


We can deliver a tailored one day in‐house certification for up to 10 people on your premises or at a venue of your choice, when you want it.

Virtual Training Sessions

Another option for you to gain certification is to take part in one-to-one virtual live sessions with one of our expert trainers.  The course is made up of four two hour sessions, with a small amount of pre-work. All sessions will be one-to-one, where you’ll get a totally personal course to suit your learning style. This is a good option for those with time-constraints, who need a more flexible approach.

Syllabus and pricing information (PDF)