Are some members of your team more focused on logic vs. feelings? Realities vs. possibilities?

With Group Continua on Catalyst™, teams can quickly visualize the preferences and tendencies of the people they work with every day.

Group Continua on Catalyst™

Group Continua on Catalyst is an effective (and fun!) tool for teams to build connection and community using DiSC®. By plotting members along eight different behavioral continua, teams gain straightforward language for safe conversations
about differences, helping them reach new levels of performance. With Group Continua, teams can:

  • Recognize strengths and challenges
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Make better decisions
  • And more!

Curious about your team?
Check out Group Continua
on Catalyst today!

Getting Started

Group Continua, can be found in the Your Groups feature under the Group Insights tab. To use this feature, learners must:

  • Create and save a group among Catalyst
    learners within their organization
  • Click into Group Insights
  • Scroll to Your Group by Tendency
  • Explore all eight group continua to
    discover group dynamics.