How to convert new hires into successful employees?

Show them you’re human. 

Onboarding isn’t about telling a new hire about company policies, systems and where the loos are – that’s orientation. Onboarding is about getting new hires up to speed and setting them up to succeed.

Everyone works in teams, groups, and departments, and getting along with co-workers is paramount for the long-term success of new hires.

Everything DiSC assessments don’t just tell you the respondent’s behavioural style. You get information on their behavioural strengths, how they communicate and make decisions, and what motivates and demotivates them. In short, everything you need to communicate effectively and create clear performance expectations.

Everything DiSC is a powerful tool in onboarding. It delivers a unique experience to new hires. When the manager is willing to share their own information, it shows a genuine interest in the employee and in the employee’s success, creating a sense of openness and trust from the very beginning.

When DiSC is part of your common language and culture, it creates a safe and well-defined framework which helps new hires integrate quicker and feel part of the organisation. Complimentary team maps clearly show the DiSC styles of all the members of a team, so they can all understand each other better.

As new hires begin to understand DiSC, they become more self-aware, and are more likely to value the similarities and differences of their teammates. In addition, they understand the need to modify their own style, when the situation calls for it.

“Our new hires go through DiSC, we talk about their DiSC style and we talk about the teams they’re joining. They know, even before they start working, what to expect of their leader and their colleagues”

As well as profiles for self-awareness & how individuals behave in a team, there are reports specifically for the manager to understand the new hire, so you can better prepare to onboard the new employee. You can identify their strengths and make the most of them. This information will help you, and aid their progress.

The reports show how the new employee will probably behave in many situations, so you have the tools to easily recognise when the employee is under stress, for example. You may be able to head off the stress situation proactively because you don’t have to guess when they are feeling uncomfortable –  you have the information, right there.

When a manager can talk about their own behavioural style to a new hire, it expresses a deep self-confidence. They are not afraid to share the fact that they are constantly trying to improve. Also, it sets the expectation that the new hire needs to improve as well.

Implementing DiSC into your onboarding process is easy to do. You just need to do it. It has a high rate of return on investment. New hires are over 50% MORE likely to stay an average of 3 years if they have a positive onboarding experience. You spend time and money finding the best people; using DISC with your new hires is a powerful experience that will set them up for long-term success.