While the term has set TikTok ablaze, and is directed mostly at members of generation Z and remote workers, it’s just a new name for an age-old issue:
employee disengagement.

Disengagement can happen overnight but we can prevent it by creating a work environment that fosters open communication and encourages employees to speak up about their concerns or issues.

Here are some steps you can take:

Find out what motivates your team members, as individuals

Understand your team members’ behaviour and development needs Employees are more engaged when they’re on a productive, fruitful team, with people who get each other and can build trust, understanding why they behave in certain ways and what makes them tick.

Help them be themselves at work

By discovering each other’s styles and preferences, and understanding their own, people feel they can turn up as themselves at work, and have a richer relationship with their colleagues without having to be someone they’re not.

Managers need to be engaged too!

Employees need to feel that their manager understands them – it’s crucial to organisational success. Once Managers understand their teams on a deeper level, checking in with them to see how they’re doing becomes a richer and more meaningful experience, rather than just checking off a tick-box. Employees should feel comfortable speaking up about any issues they’re facing, without fear of retaliation or judgment. When the manager has a deeper understanding of their team members, issues can be addressed promptly and more openly, making the process easier for all concerned.

How DiSC can help

When you to get to know your employees better and motivate them more appropriately, quiet quitting will be less of an issue. DiSC helps employees feel engaged and more committed to their work because they feel that the organisation has invested in them, to help them grow in their roles, and they get to know how their team mates and managers tick. It’s a win-win situation—you get the help that you need and your employees are happy because they feel valued and understood.

Everything DiSC helps people engage with their team members on a

whole new level

Imagine an organisation where

  • everyone is more self-aware
  • everyone understands and appreciates different ways of working
  • people work better together, regardless of differing styles

DiSC provides you with practical, simple strategies and actions to achieve just that.

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