What are the Five Behaviors?


Productive individuals thrive in teams that are based on trust – the foundation of the Five Behaviors model. In this programme, teams discover how to view vulnerability as an opportunity from strengthening relationships among their teammates.


When teams have a foundation of vulnerability-based trust, team members feel safe to engage in productive conflict focused on concepts and ideas. This conflict becomes a means for debating different perspectives and landing on the best possible solution.


The Five Behaviors model explores commitment as clarity around decisions and complete buy-in from team members. Teams that achieve commitment use a common language to engage in healthy debate and suupport decisions even if everyone does not initially agree.


High-performing teams set high standards for themselves. Holding team members accountable for their responsibilities helps establish respect among peers and guides the team to live up to their expectations.


The goal of every team is results. By building a foundation of trust, engaging in productive conflict, achieving commitment, and holding team members accountable, teams never lose sight of their collective goals and can achieve their peak performance.
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